Monday, April 9, 2012

40 is Fast! (5k story)

I started this post about a week ago. It was witty and all (something about paying money or giving blood to enter, then something about vampires,) but I didn't save it. I just hit Copy, with thoughts of hitting Paste when I got back to it. I'm back to it now, but hitting Paste just reminds me of a lunch appointment. Let's just skip the witty bits about fast old men being vampires and get right to the numbers.

In the 5k - 300 people
In the 10k - 110 people
And in the 1/2 marathon -138 people
(Those are the people who will be chasing me.)

The race was big and well put on. Chip timing, police blocking traffic, and moist towels along the rout. Only two problems; it was short (according to Nike+ GPS), and they invited a lot of old fast guys (vampires.)

In my age group I finished 4th (the first loser) with a time of 23:31 (first place in the age group just two months younger was 23:30.) But the GPS said I still had 0.3 miles to go, so they took my chip and I took off running across the parking lot for the full 3.1 and another minute. (full 5k results here)

But they fed us well with pizza, rolls, sports drink, and some delicious noodles from The King and I (wish I knew what it was, I'd order it right off their menu.)

So it's, welcome to the new faster league, for me. And if you want to find out how you measure up with your age group, below is a link. My tip, don't turn 40, them vampires are out for blood.
Don,t click this, it will make you sad, (or go faster.)

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