Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat Trot 2012 (5k story)

A post one week late seems appropriate for a race that I started late. I was half way across the parking lot when they sounded the horn. But it was chip timed, so I didn't mind. I strolled to the starting line and took off. Starting late was kinda nice, no crowd, and I never got passed.
The cops stopped traffic for us, and I got a high five from one of the boys in blue. We ran around downtown and I sprinted the last two blocks (yeah that sucks.) When I checked my times, I was first in my age group. 9th overall, but first in my age group! It was a bit cold and they weren't announcing the winners until everyone finished. This race had a 10 and maybe a 20k involved so I found shelter in the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop, this could take a few hours. While I was looking at wooden carved fish, outside they changed plans and were announcing winners of the 5k.
When I finally strolled out, they announced the winner of the 50-59 age group. Crap! My first gold and I missed it. When they were done I walked up to the stage and asked, "Can I get an award?" I think they thought I was challenged. I explained who I was and that I was in the thrift shop, and they asked me to remove my hat and they put the prize abound my neck. This was my first gold, not my first 1st, I've got hats and blue ribbons, but this was the first gold. I felt good until I looked online and saw that there were only 3 in my age group. And to make matters worse, the top 3 in the age group above me, had better times.
That's old-man-fast and I hope to grow into those running shoes. To sum up this race, don't let the word Trot dissuade you, you'll run without the runs. And it's chip timed, so come when you can. But don't get lured in by the carved wooden fishes, or you may miss your name being called out.
Time: 24:39. 9th & 1st. Soundtrack: Japandroids, Celebration Rock.

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